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cards, satc and comments

Last night I borrowed Sex and the City 2 and got busy with my stamp pad, ready to do a cafe round with a handful of cards today (oh, what a chore…). I’m hoping the little birds might catch the eyes of childless and childfree locals, in among the flyers for babysitters and school fetes and please-will-someone-buy-my-secondhand-stroller notices.

The movie was as silly as I might have expected but I liked this line of Carrie’s –

“We’re adults without children; we have the
luxury to design our lives the way we want.”

And the cards turned out like this.

As for comments, my original intention for was to leave them permanently closed. It was partly because I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested and a blog without comments can look a little sad. It was also  because I wanted to try to keep this space completely positive, while free discussion can turn in any direction.

But then maybe that’s a good thing. And anyway, I’m feeling brave. So I think I will see what happens if I leave the comments open for a week, starting tomorrow. Please drop by and share your thoughts? I would love to hear from you.



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