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There is something fragile and beautiful about the fact that all of us, including everyone on our family tree, every person we’ve ever had a crush on, every celebrity we’ve ever found interesting, every historical figure we’ve ever been inspired or appalled by, every single one of them has sought to curl up each night, enveloped in something soft and warm, and drift off into another realm of consciousness to recharge. This strange, peaceful and restorative practice seems to be part of our entitlement as human beings and personally, I think its one of the best bits. I also guess that non-mothers have an excellent chance of enjoying it to the full.

[Image used with permission from k.watson whose beautiful work you can find on flickr and etsy

Let me share with you a concept that I call Extreme Sleeping. I recommend it as an effective beauty treatment. It will also boost your immune system and can stop a cold or flu in its tracks. It is the best possible preparation for any important event you have planned. It eases problems like anxiety, depression and lethargy. It helps with decision making, creative blocks and learning. And it feels completely fantastic.

So basically, a night of Extreme Sleeping just involves pulling out all the stops to ensure a particularly comfortable, undisturbed, blissful night of sleep, such as a heady combination of the following:

-fresh sheets
-fresh pajamas
-a warm bath
-light dinner
-phone off the hook
-little or no caffeine during the afternoon
-lots of exercise during the day
-all screens off after nine o’clock, peaceful reading only
-relaxing essential oils for pre-bed foot massage
-a mug of chamomile tea or warm milk before bed
-sleep inducing meditation or ambient music on timer
-white noise
-anything else you personally associate with deep, heavenly sleep

I promise you will wake up the next morning feeling as though you just spent a fortnight in Tahiti.

If you’re interested in reading more about the special pleasures enjoyed by childless and childfree women you might enjoy reading about unique possibilities for spontaneity or the freedom to pursue creative goals.



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