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The issue of being ‘self-centred’ is often raised in reference to the choice to be childfree and its a funny kind of criticism. Are childfree people self-centred?

As someone who works hard and does a lot of different things in the course of any given day, I spend far more time than I would like with the sense that I am centred anywhere but myself. I am trying to work on a writing project but my mind is on a conversation from the day before that I wish had played out differently. I am trying to engage with a book about a theory that interests me, but really I am planning out my schedule for the afternoon.

The idea of mindfulness, which is so significant in popular psychology and which I think has great value for so many of us, amounts to a goal that we become more centred in ourselves. There are innumerable books, meditation styles and religious and philosophical teachings that work to bring us to this state.

Childless and childfree women might have a particularly good shot at centring themselves in this way. There are aspects of our lifestyles that can really lend themselves to the opportunity for quiet reflection.

In my opinion, self-centredness is probably not a bad goal for any of us.

If you’re interested in the connections between childfreedom and mindfulness you might also like to read a post about contentment or a post about reclaiming cycles.



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