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I think plans are good things. So are timetables carefully sketched out to maximise the day, to-do lists with boxes to tick and self-imposed deadlines a few days before actual deadlines to allow for problems that might arise. But you know what else is good? The odd change of plan. The odd opportunity-too-brilliant-to-resist that didn’t appear anywhere on the timetable. And a lifestyle that means you can often say…

Some evenings are so warm and balmy that it is lovely to walk and talk a little longer. Some bookshops are so full of treasure that it is a waste not to stay and explore a little further. Some travel destinations prove so fascinating that it is wise and wonderful to extend your stay by a few days, so as not to have to rush. And sometimes life is difficult and it turns out that a peaceful few hours in the garden spent collecting your thoughts will do more good in the long run than almost anything else.

The possibility of spontaneity is easy to take for granted if your lifestyle accommodates it (and the childless/childfree lifestyle often does). But it is impossible to overestimate in terms of the pleasure it can bring.

If you’re interested in the luxuries enjoyed by childless and childfree women, you may also be interested to read about the daydreams some of us indulge in and the pleasures of deep sleep.



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