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I like consulting other women (real and fictional) whose lives are shaped by non-mothering pursuits for their thoughts on topics like this one. For Carrie Bradshaw, luxury was all about shoes and cocktails. For Elizabeth Gilbert, it is travel and books. For Jane Austen, good company and conversation. For Amy Tan, to be able to write and draw to her heart’s content. For Coco Chanel, it was comfortable, elegant clothes, glorious perfume and the opportunity to avoid anything she found ‘vulgar’.

For me, luxury is mainly about time and space. I’m an early riser and I love taking a pot of tea and a book back to bed to read with the cat curled up beside me, before work. I like being able to change things around in my home to suit my mood and to accommodate whatever is going on in my life. I like pottering in my garden and listening to Ted Talks. I like nattering in the bath with H until we’re both wrinkly, a bit cold and completely nattered out.

These everyday sorts of pleasures are easy to overlook, partly because they might just be the bread-and-milk routines of people’s lives and partly because the childless/childfree lifestyle is almost never sentimentalised by the media. That is, no one is overtly trying to encourage us to find our lives beautiful and meaningful.

But I think they are beautiful and meaningful. And I think it’s worth listing the distinctive luxuries in our lives and reflecting on them now and again, to make sure we’re enjoying them to the full.

If you’re interested in the luxuries enjoyed by childless and childfree women you may also be interested to read about the possibilities for spontaneity in our lives and the freedom we have to take risks if we choose.



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