Inspiration for childless and childfree women

Thoughts and ideas to inspire, uplift and affirm the childless and childfree, by circumstance and by choice


Even though ‘choices’ and ‘circumstances’ are often discussed as though they are quite separate parts of our lives, in reality I think life tends to be more complex than that. We arrive on our paths via a tangle of choices determined by circumstance and circumstances determined by choices. An acknowledgement of this reality might soften our willingness to judge ourselves and each other, relieving us of the task of determining who is right and who is wrong and allowing us to look around at where we are and how we can make the best of it.

If you’re interested in the circumstances that contribute to being a childless or childfree woman, you may also be interested to read about the luxuries some of them enjoy and some of the ways doubt can be experienced and understood.



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